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As soon as you walk in, our natural and soothing atmosphere will transport you to a stress-free state-of-mind and your healing will begin.  Upon your first visit, Dr. Cool, Mrs. Shirley, and their staff will serve you complimentary tea and inquire holistically about your ailments, lifestyle, and concerns. After the verbal phase of your treatment is complete, the Magipuncture will begin if it has been determined necessary. You will be directed into our relaxing treatment room where the magnets will be administered. The treatment serves to improve and further diagnose your condition. Based on the data gathered from the treatment and consultation, an herbal formulation will be prepared if necessary.

What is Magipuncture? What is an Herbal Formulation?

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Revival Valley was founded at the turn of the millenium by Dr. James Liang, commonly known as Dr. Cool, and his wife, Mrs. Shirley.  Dr. Cool was educated and trained as a physician in China before seizing the opportunity to perform research at Emory University where he made discoveries that ultimately supported his revolutionary treatment, Magipuncture.  After completing his research at Emory and fulfilling his responsibilities in China, Dr. Cool and Mrs. Shirley settled in Atlanta, Georgia where they established their first holistic clinic centered around the Gospel and natural healing. Maintaining a steady collection of fresh herbs while enjoying city living proved tiresome so, in 2007, Dr. Cool decided to move the practice to a more rural location. They found a natural gem about an hour outside of Atlanta, in Jackson County, where chemical and pollution-free herbs were bountiful. 

With new-found peace and quiet, Dr. Cool really began to perfect his Magipuncture treatment. Over the years, the magnets became stronger, his mechanism evolved, and the treatment flourished in effectiveness. With the desire to spread the wisdom that God blessed him with, Dr. Cool opened Revival Valley Academy where he educates and trains students in the art of holistic healing. Click here to learn about the curriculum, the courses, and how to register.  

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