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Interview Conducted by Sharon Hamm, RN, 03/08/2016

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Magipuncture Shrinks Breast Cancer Nodule

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At just ten years old, Lisa was rushed to the hospital during an asthmatic exacerbation episode. At that time, a nodule was noted on her breast and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tina, Lisa’s mother, was strongly encouraged to schedule a mastectomy for her daughter. Instead, she chose to take the alternative medicine route and attempted a number of natural methods to maintain her child’s health. While caught in the bustle of seeking treatment for her daughter, a co-worker referred Tina to Dr. Cool.

February 18, 2012, through Magipuncture and customized Herbal Formulations, Dr. Cool’s treatment was able to bring balance to Lisa’s body which enabled her body to heal itself.

After just a few treatments, Lisa’s blood was flowing more effectively and her balanced pH discouraged disease formation which caused the nodule to shrink and her asthmatic symptoms to subside.  Neither illness has manifested since that time.