There is truly no other class in the world that compares as this class is founded largely upon Dr. Cool's original discoveries. This course builds upon information presented in the H500 course but is slightly more complex in nature as we begin to incorporate physics concepts. Students will be introduced to relevant concepts of physics to ensure basic understanding of magnetic fields.  Also,  students will briefly be taught about the human anatomical system, largely at the molecular level, so that they understand the mechanism of interaction between human systems and magnetic fields.  Finally, students will be taught to administer Magipuncture and be trained to observe their patient's physical reaction to deduce possible illnesses that can be further treated via Systematic Herbalism.  The latter part of the course requirements include an internship to ensure understanding and proficiency of learned concepts. All students who successfully complete this course will be given their very own Magipuncture set as part of their package!

H700 Table of Contents

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H500: Systematic Herbalism

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H700: Magipuncture

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H500 Table of Contents

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Curriculum Introduction & Overview

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Holistic & Herbalic Healing

This course is taken first and introduces students to the depth of the natural healing concept. We wholeheartedly believe that for every medical problem, God has provided a solution and this class ultimately trains students to use naturally occurring herbs for their purpose; healing. Through combining Biblical principles, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Dr. Cool's own experience, students will be awakened to an entirely different and holistic perspective of the human body and its ailments, illnesses, and diseases.  Students will also be taught a meticulous, yet graspable, system of classifying herbs based on their characteristics, geographical location and seasonal time of growth.  Finally, students will be taught to balance a variety of herbs in a systematic formula that is effective in combatting the illnesses for which they were prescribed. 

This class is particularly popular amongst caregivers and mothers who appreciate being able to maintain the health of those they care for through diet, teas, and formulas that can easily be blended into a meal or dessert.

This school has been designed to educate, train, and prepare Holistic doctors in the Art of Healing.  Dr. Cool has meticulously and thoughtfully prepared two full courses of curriculum that are geared toward students of any academic background with a high school diploma or equivalent. The courses are typically taken in sequence; H500 then H700, and run for 20 and 30 weeks, respectively.
Both courses meets 2 hours each week.

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